CCW Annual Lecture: Strategy and War in the Modern Age

Professor Jeremy Black from Exeter University will deliver the CCW Annual Lecture 2016. Professor Black studied at Queens' College Cambridge, St John's College Oxford, and Merton College Oxford before joining the University of Durham as a lecturer in 1980. There he gained his PhD and ultimately his professorship in 1994. He joined Exeter University as Established Chair in History in 1996. One of the most prolific and erudite historians of his generation, Professor Black has published over 100 books on subjects ranging from eighteenth century British political history to the study of cartography. He has often rejected a purely technologically-determinist interpretation of military studies, and, rejecting the dominance of Eurocentricism, he has been consistent in championing a greater diversity in the way in which history is approached. His works therefore include global history, war and its transformation, military revolutions, geo-politics, the role of individuals in historical events, the state of the discipline, and the future of war. In this Annual Lecture for the CCW programme, Professor Black will address the critical topic of strategy, and show the importance of drawing upon historical insights.

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