Book launch: 'War and Women Across Continents: Autobiographical and Biographical Experiences'

War and Women Across Continents

Book Launch: War and Women Across Continents: Biographical and Autobiographical Experiences edited by Shirley Ardener, Fiona Armitage and Lidia Sciama.

The International Gender Studies (IGS) Centre at Lady Margaret Hall are marking the launch of a new book edited by, and with contributions from, associates of IGS.

Drawing on family materials, historical records, and eyewitness accounts, this book shows the impact of war on individual women caught up in diverse and often dangerous situations. It relates stories of partisans in Holland, an Italian woman carrying guns and provisions in the face of hostile soldiers, and Kikuyu women looking back on the Mau Mau insurrection in Kenya. A woman displaced from Silesia recalls fleeing with children across war-torn Germany, and women caught up in conflicts in Burma and in Rwanda share their tales. War's aftermath can be traumatic, as shown by journalists in Libya and by a midwife on the Cambodian border who helps refugees to give birth and regain hope. Finally, British women on active service in Afghanistan and at NATO headquarters also speak.

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