CCW Working Group on Armed Conflict

The Changing Character of War Programme (CCW) is devoted to the interdisciplinary study of war and armed conflict. It is a successful, policy-relevant research programme based in Pembroke College, University of Oxford, and enjoying global influence and international partnerships.

Directed by Dr Robert Johnson and Dr Annette Idler, with a Programme Committee chaired by Professor Dominic Johnson and a large number of Research Associates, CCW is unique in its delivery of high-quality, high-impact research, combined with practice, policy and advisory engagement.

The working group is a student-led initiative that aims to facilitate research into the causes, character and consequences of armed conflict. With meetings taking place every fortnight, the group serves as a forum for students and researchers to discuss their own work and developments in the field, and as a meeting point to find areas of mutual interest and opportunities for collaboration and cooperation. Interdisciplinary in outlook and open to diverse theoretical and methodological approaches, the group is for anyone interested in advancing the study of armed conflict, civil war and related issues such as peace building and post-war reconstruction.

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