School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies

Oxford’s School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies (SIAS) boasts a large community of Area Studies scholars, many of whom work on conflict, security, war and peace in regions and countries across the globe.

Professor Roy Allison conducts research on the normative, legal and political aspects of Russian military interventions in Ukraine and Syria and on contested understandings about the use of force between Russia and Western states. He is also investigating the conflicting narratives on international order between Western states, Russia and other major powers which underpin current confrontational policies.

Dr Paul Irwin Crookes’ research examines China’s re-emergence as a security actor in the Asia-Pacific region. In particular, he studies the policy context of Chinese military modernisation strategies as they impact neighbourhood tensions and influence geopolitical responses.

Professor Miles Larmer works on state and non-state violence in late colonial and post-colonial central Africa (DR Congo, Zambia and Angola), exploring the role of nationalism and state formation in warfare and the intersection between local identities, nationalism and the group-political dynamics of decolonisation and the Cold War.

Dr Kate Sullivan’s research focuses on India’s identity as a rising power and how Indian foreign policy elites are managing the tensions between India’s post-Cold war rising power strategy and its longer history of aversion to great power politics. She has a particular interest in Indian understandings of nuclear weapons and nuclear restraint and their implications for theorising nuclear politics.


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