Centre for Criminology

The Centre for Criminology, part of the Faculty of Law, is dedicated to pursuing an innovative programme of criminological research and to delivering high-quality graduate education in criminology at both masters and doctoral level.

The Centre has a vibrant programme of research that pursues a research strategy aimed principally at fostering and developing clusters of research activity around six substantive themes:

  • Security, rights and justice
  • Penal culture, policy and practice
  • Politics, legitimacy and crime control
  • Crime and the family
  • Victims and victimization
  • Criminal justice, citizenship and migration


The Centre’s programme of work across these substantive areas is intersected and reinforced by four lateral themes that link them and reveal the distinctive nature of criminological research in Oxford. The four themes are:

  • Exploring the connections between the study of crime and its control and the larger concerns of the contemporary social sciences with such ideas as risk, globalization, networks, race, gender, citizenship, governance, and culture.
  • The theory and practice of comparative criminological enquiry.
  • Bringing together sociological and critical normative analyses of crime, victimization and crime control practices.
  • Understanding and working upon the intersections between criminological research and public policy.


Border Criminologies is an international network based in the Centre that brings together academics, practitioners, and those who have experienced border control from around the world to better understand the effects of border control and to explore alternatives. Run by Mary Bosworth, Border Criminologies is supported through research grants from the European Research Council, the Leverhulme Trust, the John Fell Fund, and the Knowledge Exchange Fund at the University of Oxford. Associate Directors are Ines HasselbergAlpa Parmar, and Sarah TurnbullAndriani Fili is the Leverhulme International Network Facilitator. Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll is creating the Immigration Detention Archive with the assistance of Andrew Roesch-KnappValerie King and Heather McRobie are editorial assistants.


The Centre is directed by Professor Mary Bosworth. For details of Faculty and graduate students at the Centre, please follow this link.

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