Latin American Centre

The Latin American Centre at the University of Oxford is engaged in projects related to conflict, security, war, and peace.  A group of students from various disciplines have formed a research network on Peace and Conflict in Latin America with a particular emphasis on Colombia (Diana Dajer, Socio-Legal Studies; Laura Bernal, Sociology) as well as comparative projects on women’s peace groups (Julia Zulver, Sociology) and indigenous human rights defenders (Nancy Tapias, Sociology).

Professor Leigh A Payne at the Latin American Centre and the Sociology Department has constructed a database that analyzes the effectiveness of transitional justice mechanisms in strengthening peace, democracy, and human rights. She is currently engaged in a project on business and human rights in armed conflicts. 

Professor Eduardo Posada-Carbó, who was an external advisor for the Fundación de Ideas para la Paz in Bogotá, and a member of the working group on Colombia and the Andean countries set up by the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington, has published extensively on the history and politics of civil conflict in Colombia, including journal articles and working papers on his ongoing research project on the ‘Politics of Language in the Colombian Conflict’. 

The work of some of the affiliate members of the LAC also deal with issues of conflict, security, war and peace, including Laurence WhiteheadAndrew HurrellFrancesca LessaMalcolm DeasEzequiel Gonzalez-OcantosJohn Crabtree and Alan Knight.


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