Oxford Human Rights Hub

The Oxford Human Rights Hub (OxHRH) brings together academics, practitioners, and policy-makers from across the globe to advance the understanding and protection of human rights. Through the vigorous exchange of ideas and resources, we strive to facilitate a better understanding of human rights principles, to develop new approaches to policy, and to influence the development of human rights law and practice.

The OxHRH was established by Professor Sandra Fredman, the Rhodes Professor of the Laws of the British Commonwealth and the USA, in 2012. The central pillar of the OxHRH is to facilitate cross-jurisdictional comparative research by innovatively harnessing digital technology create a global human rights community.

The primary vehicle for exchange is the OxHRH Blog. Through our daily blog, we feature cutting-edge high quality analyses of the most important developments in human rights law around the world, written by experts in many different jurisdictions. The rapid expert assessments on new developments on the same issue in different jurisdictions provide a unique opportunity for collaborative comparative research. The OxHRH website provides a portal for other human rights activities and research at Oxford University. The webinar series, which is archived on the website, provide a high-level academic seminar on challenging issues of human rights law. The website also contains our ‘RightsUp’ podcast series, the Working Paper Series from the OxHRH international conferences and showcases the innovative research and projects from OxHRH members.

OxHRH works in close collaboration with Oxford Legal Assistance (OLA) and Oxford Pro Bono Publico (OPBP) both of which are dedicated to the principles and practice of public interest law on a pro bono basis.


Core Staff:

Director: Professor Sandy Fredman

Deputy Director: Dr. Meghan Campbell

Managing Editor: Richard Martin

DPhil Student & Research Staff: Helen Taylor

OxHRH Blog Editors: Victoria Miyandazi and Seham Areff


Research Associates:

Professor Liora Lazarus

Dr Cathryn Costello

Dr Nazila Ghanea

Dr Barbara Havelkova

Professor Timothy Endicott

Professor Mark Freedland

Professor Carolyn Hoyle

Dr Tarun Khaitan

Dr Aileen Kavanagh

Dr Alison Young

Dr Eirik Bjorge

Professor Alan Bogg


For information about upcoming events at OxHRH, please follow this link.